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Who am I?


Oh hey, didn’t see you there.

My name is Dustin M. Oliver and I was born in Rockdale, Georgia. Having grown up an hour outside of one of the largest urban cities in the South East, Atlanta, I became curious of understanding the extent of diversity. I grew into a person who is fascinated with people. To this day, I am the most curious person I know.

At 14 years-old I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Romania, with a stop in Paris and Budapest along the way.

This was the beginning of true cultural exposure for me. Upon my arrival in Europe, I was faced with the acknowledgement of how many people differ from myself in many ways: including language, culture, religion, fashion style, and value.

Of course, it was a complete shock to realize not everyone around the globe live in an American suburb. And furthermore, that my friends, family, and self have been living in a bubble. A bubble that gave us the illusion that there was only one way of life… our own.

After graduating from high school, I began studying film and journalism. However, my desire to leave my hometown behind and explore the city lead me to leave school. I decided that working full-time, surrounded by the diverse cultural center, would prove to be of much more value to me.

Three years later, I found my need to explore creep back up. Which led to a weeklong getaway to New York City in August of 2018.

There I came to terms with my passion, people.

I started American Youth to have conversations. Conversations with people about their life, their views, and what defines their individualism.

There is so much in this world for us to learn and grow from.

If you take away one thing from this podcast, let it be that you pay attention to the lives around you.



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